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Poppies Spa – Indulge Yourself

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Enter the relaxing world of Poppies and enjoy exquisite spa treatments. Let us pamper you in our peaceful setting with treatments exclusively created for us by experts using the best possible products.

Poppies Spa treatments can be enjoyed in two locations

In our rooftop sala (next to our guest lounge), overlooking the ocean or
In our poolside sala, overlooking the gardens and pool

Each spa treatment setting creates an ideal atmosphere for an hour or two of pampered indulgence. Choose your treatments from our spa menu and you will emerge feeling relaxed, soothed and rejuvenated.


Traditional Thai Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 500
Thai massage combines acupressure with manipulation and stretching to stimulate circulation, loosen up aching joints and harmonise body and mind. This is a strong energising treatment.

Poppies Oil Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 550
Acupressure and gentle rocking with long deep strokes stimulates circulation, eases muscle tension and improves flexibility. A unique blend of eastern and western techniques that relaxes, revitalises and rejuvenates. Oils available are kaffir, lavender or jasmine.

Coconut Oil Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 600
Coconut oil massage includes skin care, relieves stress and maintains cholesterol levels. Also helps weight loss, increases immunity, proper digestion, and body metabolism. The massage relief from kidney problems, combats heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Milky Cream Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 650
Constantly moisturises skin, to prevent dryness. Contains peony bark extract which can purify skin, making it clear and lustrous from within.

Aromatherapy Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 700
Pure essential oils, selected for their specific therapeutic benefits, nourish and stimulate the skin as well as boost the immune system. Gentle kneading rubs the oil into the skin eliminating dead cells and facilitating lymphatic drainage. A relaxing and nurturing full body massage.

Head Shoulders & Neck - 60 Minutes Bt. 700
Head Shoulders & Neck - 30 Minutes Bt. 400
Gentle acupressure on the scalp, neck and shoulders soothes tension in the neck area. The perfect antidote for stress or prolonged computer use.

Chocolate Cream Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 700
Chocolate massage is perhaps the best anti-stress massage, complete relaxation on the physical and subconscious levels. Natural chocolate works wonders, a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Coconut Cream Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 700
Coconut Massage Cream was created to fill the need for an all natural lubricant. It has all the benefits of coconut oil mixed with the healing properties of essential oils. It was specifically made for deep tissue styles of massage. Coconut Massage Cream offers a nice resistance that allows the therapist to penetrate deeply into the tissues, and its smooth and luxurious feeling makes it perfect for lighter massage styles.

Bergamot Cream Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 700
The reinvigorating aroma of Bergamot oil immediately conveys a feeling of serenity, whilst the combination of vitamins leaves the skin soft and silky to the touch. The oil is applied with a gentle massage and light movements to help the absorption of the active ingredients.

Aloe Vera Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 900
Aloe Vera is nature's own remedy for sunburnt skin. This gentle massage will help cool and soothe the effects of UV rays.

Body Scrub - Scrub Jasmine - 60 Minutes Bt. 1,200
Body Scrub - Scrub Jasmine - 30 Minutes Bt. 700
Scrub Jasmine is used because of its deep and smooth, soft, glowing and radiant skin, relaxation.

Body Scrub - Thai Herbs Scrub - 60 Minutes Bt. 1,200
Body Scrub - Thai Herbs Scrub - 30 Minutes Bt. 700
Thai Herbs Scrub with Jasmine essences to remove dead skin whilst adding a clean and invigorating sensation.


(available in all locations)

Mineral & Diamond Facial - 60 Minutes Bt. 1,000
Mineral & Diamond Facial - 30 Minutes Bt. 700
Deep cleanses the face with a gentle diamond scrub, followed by a diamond mask and finishing with a soothing face massage.

Collagen Facial Mask - 60 Minutes Bt. 1,000
Collagen Facial Mask - 30 Minutes Bt. 700
Replaces lost moisture and soothes the effects of sunburn. Q10 or "Coenzyme Q10" is a vitamin-like compound that is vital to cell growth and cell repair. It is also a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from the damaging and ageing effects of free radicals.

Thai Herbal Facial - 60 Minutes Bt. 1,000
Thai Herbal Facial - 30 Minutes Bt. 700
This traditional treatment purifies, moisturizes and nourishes even the most sensitive of skins. A facial helps promote a smoother, healthier looking complexion.

All facial treatments comprise of six stages.

Special Packages

Poppies Relax - 1 Hours 45 Minutes Bt.1,100
• Foot Bath
• Poppies Oil Massage
• Foot Massage
• Head Massage

Poppies Stress Relief - 2 Hours Bt.1,200
• Foot Bath
• Chocolate or Coconut or Bergamot Cream Massage
• Foot Spa

Poppies Refresh - 1 Hours 45 Minutes Bt.1,200
• Foot Bath
• Milky Cream Massage
• Thai Herbal Facial

Poppies Sunset - 2 Hours Bt.1,400
• Foot Bath
• Aromatherapy Massage
• Foot Massage
• Foot Scrub

Poppies Renews - 2 Hours 15 Minutes Bt.1,600
• Foot Bath
• Coconut Oil Massage
• Head Shoulder & Back
• Mineral & Mud Facial

Poppies After Sun - 2 Hours Bt.2,000
• Foot Bath
• Aloevera Body Wrap
• Body Scrub

Poppies Beautiful - 2 Hours 30 Minutes Bt.2,100
• Foot Bath
• Facial
• Manicure & Pedicure
• Foot Scrub

Hands & Feet

(available in all locations)

Foot Massage - 60 Minutes Bt. 500
Foot Massage - 30 Minutes Bt. 300
This five-part session for your feet includes a soak in warm water with Thai herbs followed by a scrub to let this relaxing treatment reduce aching feet and improve blood circulation.

Foot Scrub - 60 Minutes Bt. 500
Get your feet ready for treatment with a homemade foot scrub. Kitchen ingredients are used to slough away dead skin and smooth out any rough spots. Your feet will feel baby soft and look beautiful, like you just got back from a high-end pedicure.

Manicure - 60 Minutes Bt. 500
Removal of excess cuticles, trim nails and polish. A gentle nail, hand and arm massage will leave your fingers refreshed and feeling softer.

Pedicure - 60 Minutes Bt. 500
A treat for toes and feet – removal of excess cuticles, trim nails, and polish. After this your feet will be ready for those summer sandals.

Foot Spa - 60 Minutes Bt. 600
Scrub with Thai herbs (White clay filler + salt + turmeric). Wrap with Thai herbs (White clay filler + Milk + whole oats). Massage with gentle oil.

* All Spa Treatments are subject to 10% service charge and 7% tax.

MassagesFacialsSpecial PackagesHands and Feet

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